Why You Need to Vote

November 8, 2016

This blog post may seem out of place in a space full of outfit posts, travel, and recipes… but politics is something that is dear to my heart and I feel that it is especially important to address now.

This election is important in so many ways, and I hope that everyone who is able will get out and vote on Tuesday. This election day, it’s not just about voting for your party’s candidate. This election is about who and what we want our children to see as not only a leader, but the leader… The leader of the most powerful country in the world. This is about little girls growing up believing they can be anything they want to be instead of an object that can be ranked, controlled, or grabbed. This is about one candidate being so heinously less qualified than the other. This is about so much more than being a democrat or republican. This is about the future of our country and our world.

So I am begging you, please, please get out and vote because everyone’s future depends on it. #nastywomenunite

Check your polling place here!

xo, Linnea

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